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4 August 1998

Hey, It's not as delayed as the last time :)

Hate Mail of the Week

Remember the Asian "trader" response I got last time? Well it seems that there is a lot more Asian trading going on than I thought because here's another one!

this page suxs u need 2 get sum real cars up in here if u need sum nice lQQking car den ask u looser and why udogging peeps wit honda's u azn trader u aiint got no pride peace and o yea any that wanna race mah 95 prelude e-mail meeh at

u need 2 get sum engleesh lessunz up in here. LQQk, lurn how 2 spell den ask meeh why i dogging peeps wit honda's. o yea any that wanna race hiz 95 prelude e-mail him @

n if u wanna trayde sum aZianZ, e-mail meeh at

Just make sure you speak his language before you try to write to him.

This next one comes from North Carolina:

i like your page.. your knowledge on this cars is pretty good.. but all i wanted to say is that you have no life... Y do you have to criricize this cars.. i think you are jealous of this cars.. you said that Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros... and other american P.O.S. I agree they are fast.. But are they quality?? My friend owns a viper and tried to race me and yes he did beat me but ended with one hell of a bill after he broke his cam shaft... his car got fucked up because it wasn't quality, it was american!! Y is it that you will see more fords, GM get fixed more often then Imported cars.. 'cause america wants to make the "perfect sports car for the average american." Fuck That!! i agree you can buy the car for a cheaper price then the Supra, NSX, 300ZX but these american sure come with one hell of a Maintanence Ticket... that you would have been better of buying an Import.

Yeah man, my Suzuki Swift is way better than a Dodge Viper because I've never broken a camshaft!! Man, good thing I didn't buy that piece of shit Viper, I might be stuck on the side of the road! I am so better off now that I got my Swift.

So what's wrong with people trying to make their cars fast..

Nothing. Why? Have you got a problem with it? because I never said anything about something being wrong with people trying to make their cars fast. In fact, I would be happy if people spent more time making their cars fast instead of talking about how fast it's going to be. "Oh, here is my Miata. It has new wheels, springs and shocks, wires and K&N. It's pretty fast now, but planned mods include ignition, cams and a turbo rotary engine swap."

You must be one of those damn rednecks driving Raised Trucks..Now why the fuck whould you raise a non- 4WD ford truck?? Where the fuck you going to take a truck like that?? even a hummer can do better then any of thes trucks at half this height... no they want to raise them 'cause they want to show they are all strong and mighty.... I think they are the people u should be cracking on... I think you need to get your shit straight asshole...

Well sounds like you got a good idea for a web page going. As for my shit... well I don't really want to touch it, but you can straighten it out if you like.

I got a honda accord with 16" Konig wheels and Nitto wheels, i got an engine transplant done in mine... i got Intrax 2" lowering springs, engine mods include computer chip, aem air filter, ingnition system.. and a 5,000 dollar sound system..


I got something from Japan with rear wheel drive.

Has anyone else ever noticed that the further away people live from me, the more brave they get with their hostile words?

Did anyone else notice how this guy looked like he tried to start out all calm and stuff, like he was intelligent or something, but couldn't help but breaking into "YOU FUCKING PUSSY..." at the end?

This next one is fun.

This has nothing to do with riceboys but it does have something to do with one of your responses to some hatemail you recieved. In the response, you compare the NSX-T to the C5. Citing that the C5 beats the NSX in almost every performance category, you state that the C5 is "not a piece of low-tech shit". Although I dont think the C5 is a "piece of shit", I do have some problems with the low-tech part.

First off, the NSX uses a 3.2L V-6 engine to put out the type of numbers it does. The C5, on the other hand, uses a gigantic 5.7L V-8 to produce numbers that are marginally better than that of the NSX's on the track. On the street, however, that marginality would be negligible at best. Anyway, isnt the way the C5 makes its power now the same way American muscle cars have always made power?- with pushrods, HUGE block and lots of pistons? Doesn't seem so hi-tech to me. Stike 1.

So, you talk about the engine being of pushrod design, and that makes the whole car low tech? What about the new and innovative building materials? What about the best traction control system in the world? Isn't it even slightly amazing that a car that is way larger and heavier than the NSX can still hold its own around a track and can stop quicker than the NSX?

Ball 1.

Second, the fit/finish and assembly quality of the C5 is still a sore spot. It seems pretty bad when a $40,000 car has problems where the spaces between the door and body dont match up evenly, or where the arm rest doesnt sit correctly, or where the space where the dash and door meet is noticeably crooked. I dont knpow about you, but a car doesnt exactly seem too refined when it still has problems being put together correctly. On the other hand, the NSX (the "Japanese marvel" or whatever you so sarcastically called it) is put together with hand-made, hand-laid aluminum. Would you ever see this much care go into the building of a C5? Nope. And before you say, "Well the NSX costs twice as much as the C5- of course it's going to have better components and build quality", I point you toward cars like the Toyota Supra, BMW M3, and Porsche Boxster. All have much better build quality and refinement than the C5, yet still are able to offer the performance/good-looks package for $40K. Strike 2.

First of all, fit and finish has nothing to do with how quickly the car gets around a race track. Which is what I was the point of the whole comparison in the first place.

Ball 2.

Now, I've never been inside a C5 Vette, so I cannot say anything about its build quality. Though the Supra, M3 and Boxter are certainly well put together (particularly the Supra), the fact remains that the NSX costs TWICE AS MUCH as the Corvette, and that doesn't change. For that kind of money, the NSX should just be a better car all the way around, and it should be no surprise that the C5 is inferior in some ways. Oh wait, didn't you just tell me not to say that? Yes you did, but you know what? No matter what you say, the NSX still costs twice as much as the 'Vette. And we aren't talking about the difference between $10,000 and $20,000.

We're talking about $90,000 here. And while we are talking about that $90,000 I'd like to remind you of these machines that come from Stutgart, which happen to be some of the most streetable performance cars in the world (second perhaps only to the NSX), but more than make up for it in speed, handling and braking.

Ball 3.

Secondly, I wasn't sarcastically calling the NSX a technical masterpiece, I really did mean it. I don't think anyone can deny that. The engine is wonderful. I am not denying that.

Now before you go listing verbatim all the "refinements" and cool gadgetry the new Corvette has recieved, I'll say don't bother. I've got that issue of (American) Motor Trend too. The fact is, the technological refinements made to this Corvette only makes this car light-years ahead of itself. There's nothing ground-breaking. Hmm... aluminum engine, stiffer chasis, 50/50 weight distribution, double wishbone suspension, the idea that "lighter is actually better" (Wow. Revolutionary). It seems to me that all this has already been done- and for a while now. Can you say imports? The C5 even has an electronic throttle control! Can you say NSX!?! Strike 3! You're outta here!

I don't read Motor Trend.

Anyway, what are you saying? That the NSX was the first car to ever have electronic throttle control? Independent suspensions? An aluminum body? 50/50 weight distribution? A mid mounted engine? Hand built engines? DOHC? What is so groundbreaking about the NSX then? You're right, these things have been done for a long time, and (except for electronic throttle control), most of them have been around since the 1930's or earlier. That being the case, and this being your argument, what's so new and revolutionary about the NSX then? VTEC and electronic throttle control?

I'd like to end here with something I wrote on the page that the NSX/C5 comparison is on:

"Now don't get all riled up here. I'm not saying that the NSX is a bad car or anything like that. It's an EXCELLENT car. The only reason why I brought up the NSX and compared it to the Corvette was simply to prove that American cars are capable of doing more than just going in a straight line. The only reason why I am saying this is because a lot of guys wrote in thinking that I was trying to put down Japanese cars or the NSX or something and I just got sick of writing back to every one of them. Once again, the only reason why this comparison is here is to show that American cars are capable of handling well."

I'd say that's Ball 4.

Great Mail of the Week

I just got this about 3 minutes ago.

I myself have a 90 Eagle Talon AWD Turbo. I have spent a lot of money into making my car go fast not look fast. I have a 20G Turbo, plenty of high performance goodies to put my car into the 11's.(My car is almost fully completed and then it will be knocking on 500+ HP) My car is definitely a sleeper. No special rims, no tint job, no stickers, and guess what....... no harassment by cops. Sure I have a large exhaust and when I hit the gas it is very loud, but I save that for a real race. A lot of the rice boy's out there do not understand the basic rule of NEVER MAKE YOUR CAR LOOK FASTER THAN IT IS!!!!!!!! Hey if you want to spend the money on all the accessories that makes your car look sweet that's cool. I personally think the cars look nice. But I hate the pretenders out there. If your car looks like an exotic super car.......and you can't back it up? It's just funny. I love pulling up next to a vette and out right destroying him. He has respect for me because my car was not flashy it just got the job done. If it's your style to pull up in a flashy import and can back it up I have no problem with that. It's when you can't back it up that gives you the rice boy image.

I think some American cars are very fast and some import cars are very fast. Lets face it. You can make most cars pretty fast, it's what type of vehicle you prefer. I love the import cars and the American cars, I just don't like the rice boys who drive the fake "5.0" or the fake "V-TECH".

I hope this will convey the point to the RICE BOYS out there.

Maybe if you can just get them to read it in the first place before going off on their little "you're just jealous" tirades.

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