Classic Hate Mail

These are some of the more memorable hate mail responses I received during the early years of this site. These are the earliest, most encouraging letters that I received. Bear in mind that a lot of the information may be outdated, as these letters date back as far as 1997 and 1996! So please don't send me angry letters arguing about details! Some things that are true now were not true in 1996. Think about the dates before you hit me with any niggling details!

And now, the Hate mail page as it appeared in the December 1997 update:

I would like to take the time to reiterate some things about my opinions and such. I do not hate import cars. I do not hate Hondas. I do not think American cars are superior. Nor do I think Japanese cars are superior. Really, the Rice-Boy page has nothing to do with that argument Also, I am perfectly aware that there are some guys with Civics or other imports that are fast. The rice-boy page has nothing to do with the cars that are actually fast. Only the ones that pretend to be fast but are not.

Another thing is that you will probably notice that I have put more hate mail up here than friendly mail. This is not because I get more hate mail, like some people (mostly rice-boys) seem to think. It's just that hate mail is just so much more interesting to read! I get about one piece of hate mail from a rice boy for about every 70-80 response I get from someone who likes this page.

Since July 1997 when I last updated the Hate Mail page, I have received over a thousand new responses, and have decided to make a new page. Amazingly enough, even as the frequency of hits went up, the number of hate mails I recieved went down so I really had to scrounge around for this stuff! I hope you don't notice though!

The "Best of" stuff can be found near the bottom of the page.

Yes, there is a lot of stuff on this page!

I've been getting a few pieces of e-mail from people who tell me that I know nothing about cars, then go on to explain why only to show me that they know less than I do. Here is an example from a guy named Brian from Arizona.

I find the title to have racial overtones and is inflamatory.

Well whaddya know!?!? Maybe because I designed it that way? Did you ever consider that this page is supposed to be inflamitory? Not everyone on this planet strives to be all politically correct you know...

After reading your observations it is obvious you know as little about performance as the people you seek to slam. Although negative camber is not particularly desirable in a street car, it does help cornering at high speeds.

And here this page is talking about cars driven on the street. By people who don't know anything about race driving on a road course who never drive on race tracks anyway. We are talking about people with cut springs and (the resultant) bouncing cars here. Not people who actually care about handling. And we are talking about more negative camber than even the supertouring guys use. Unless you are trying to tell me that these Rice-Boys are cornering HARDER than the supertouring guys, I suggest you just shut the hell up. I know that negative camber can help grip in the turns. It's on the page where I talk about negative camber.

Springs and sway bars are set up from the factory to give the car oversteer. While this is fine for the average driver (does this describe you?) it is not the proper set-up for performance driving.

Oh really, Mr. I-Know-It-All-Average-Driver... cars are set up from the factory biased for oversteer? Do you know what oversteer and understeer is? Would you know how to control it? Probably not since you don't even know what it is. Cars are set up for gross understeer from the factory because the average driver (does this describe you?) wouldn't know what to do if the tail broke loose in their car...

The bottom line, everyone is entitled to their own worthless opinion, and you and I are no exception. It is strange to me that anyone would put this kind of effort out just to insult a group of people. Perhaps you should get a girlfriend (or boyfriend if that is your preference).

Yes of course. And I was even so kind as to publish your own worthless opinions. It is strange to me that someone with less knowledge in a certain field than myself would be so bold as to tell me that I don't know anything about it. And I also suppose that getting a girlfriend or boyfriend would suddenly turn me into such a car expert as yourself? No thanks, I am too young to want to tie myself down to one person right now (and start to think that heavy UNDERSTEER would be the "proper set-up for performance driving).

This one is from a sibling of the pink neon driver:

I thought that your page was pretty cool except that you put my brother's car on the web. It is the pink neon with the thrust sign on the side. I'd appreciate if you could not post it on the web. I'm not going to tell him about this site because if he saw his car on the web he'd be pissed. Thanks.

Are you kidding? His is one of the most popular cars on my site! And why should he care whether or not people are looking at it on the web? Every day he drives all over San Diego (I've seen him downtown more than once), and thousands of people look at (and laugh at) his car every single day just by the simple act of going somewhere or parking it. Let him get pissed. If he asks me to take it off himself, I'll take it off but until then... just remember he is embarrassing himself everywhere he goes. Every time he goes to the supermarket. Every time he goes to see a movie or goes out to eat... every day...

Sometimes things are written over and over on my page, yet people still don't get what I'm saying...

whats so bad about making your car look nice?

NOTHING!! Haven't you read the What is Rice-Boy page? But there is a difference between making your car look nice and making it look fast!

I have a 97 prelude, what u think its a piece of shit? why do u criticize other peoples cars when yours arent better you hypocrite. why dont you tell us what kind of car u have. Dont tell us the license plate number just tell us the model . no ones gonna scratch your car because there are more then one of your so called cars on the road.

To me the Prelude isn't worth the money. I'd buy something else with that money. And how can you call me a hypocrite for criticizing other people's cars when mine aren't better and then in the next sentence tell me that you don't know what kind of car I drive? How can you know that the cars on my page are worse than what I drive if you don't know what I drive? And you know why I don't tell people what I drive, and I'd sure as hell rather be safe than sorry...

You call my car a "so called car"? But you don't know what I drive... for all you know, maybe I drive a 1997 Prelude Type SH. Then you would be calling your own car a piece of crap.

my prelude is bone stock and not a single car would leave u seeing the rearlights and the real "vtec" sticker. you say that you are just voicing your opinion?? well people that are making there cars look nice have the right to do it. its their right .

Yes of course it is their right. I am not stopping them from doing it. I am just voicing my own opinion that I think Rice-Boys are stupid, and publicizing the fact that I am not the only one that feels this way.

And I am not criticizing the people who actually make their cars look nice... just the ones that look fake and are trying to look FAST. Of course, if you actually read what was on my page, you would know that. But being a Rice-Boy yourself (in attitude, if not by stickers on your car), you are probably to used to looking at just the surface of things to dig any deeper than that.

dont be scared to put this up on your web sight let everyone else see and i want to see your response. so why dont u email me back.

As you wish. Being a rice-boy you probably don't realize that most of the people out there see things different than you do. So don't expect everyone to start agreeing with you or thinking that you are all smart or something.

Finally, one of the "old style" hate messages!!

hey there cock boy. I read through your shit. I think you are pretty fucking lame for bagging on all these people. It is just a fucking hobby.

I think you are pretty lame for baggin' on me. It's just a fucking hobby. I don't care that you think that I am lame. At least I am smart enough to realize that some people (like you) don't agree with me. Not like most of those wannabe's drivin' around in their pimp-ass Civic thinking that everyone who is staring at them is "checkin' 'em out" but really people are laughing at them because they look really lame and don't realize that their Japanese letters are upside down and then go on to talk about how proud to be Asian... learn to read in at least one language, sheesh.

You stroke your cock, and bag on us with your web page, and we modify our cars, see the similarity.

OH! I GET IT NOW!! Rice-Boys don't have penises (penii??), so to compensate for lacking in that area, they go out and modify cars! Now it makes so much sense! I had no idea there were so many guys out there with no dick...

By the way i do believe the peach "super touring" neon is owned by a female, so you might want to change your shit, my tou should get somw more info, before you bag on them.

You should check your own info before you bag on me since I got a letter from a person who said that the owner of the pink neon is their brother. But being the superficial Rice-Boy you are you just look at the surface and automatically assume that pink = girl right? Or maybe you are too ashamed to admit that one of your wannabe hard-ass gangbanger talkin' in fake ebonics friends might actually like the somewhat unmasculine pink.

Also I am not an English major or anything, but you say shit about these guys spelling ability..........maybe you should do a spell check and grammar check on your web pages........and don'r say it is becasuse your asian, my roommate is asian and she speaks perfect english.

The day I blame my spelling mistakes on my being Korean is the day I go and slap a giant VTEC sticker on my Mazda. (oops, let out a clue).

You make fun of rice boys but you must have no fuckin' life to waste time making this web site.

And you must have no fuckin' life to waste time reading it... I think the fact that the last time I updated anything was about 6 months ago will tell you just about how much time I spend on this page...

This next one is just GREAT!! It is so obvious that this guy is a Rice-Boy with a slow car that has no guts, and probably has a lot of stickers on it... how can I tell??

Yo mother fucker shit picker. I ride on yo girl and she got a nice intake on the front and a small ehaust on the back(I enlarged it). Her roar sound is so good that I heard "YES YES" all tha time. The bad thing about her is that the intake can't take my cum too most of the came out and stay on yo bed. Anyway, she said she like my cum cause she have never drink yos have never fuck her b4 and I got on her tha 1st day, she really like it yo know. I spend 50 bucks on my shift nob and she took my nob to enjoyer her self...but than she grabed my cock as a shift nob...suck it and lick it...she is not a virgin no more my friend. Put my response on the web so that people know how I enjoy yo girl...if you don't do that, yo got no balls..just like my girl said.(used to be yos...but my now)

Because besides some off references to intakes, exhausts and shift knobs, this guy doesn't say anything about cars!! So he either has a really slow car, knows it but tries to hide it (or just realized it after reading this page), or maybe, he is to dumb to know anything about cars to talk about them... after all, he is to dumb to speak proper english... To the people who write to me and tell me that I am making Asian people look bad... it's not me, it's guys like this guy that make Asian people look bad!! Oh yes, and he is yet another person to accuse me of having no balls, and then not leave his e-mail address...

Rice-Boys don't just pretend and act like their cars are fast, but they actually believe that their cars are fast...

Well first of all let me start off by asking you what kind of car you drive. Because I currently just bought a 1995 Civic EX and YES it is a real V-TEC!!!! Second unless you drive a porsche or something in that class I'd like to race you

Mental note, he thinks that his Civic is faster than anything short of a Porche... which is cool, some Civics actually are faster than those wonderful machines from Stutgart, so let's see what this guy has...

Oh by the way let me let you in on some of my mods: RS Akimoto Intake, Greddy Exhaust, DC Sports Header, 16" TSW Wheels, Neuspeed Springs, Neuspeed Strut Tower Braces, and last but not least a realy speed grabber; a pioneer head unit, with a complete upgrade on the sound system.

Let me get this straight... you take a Civic EX (yes, even with real V-TEC!!) with 127 horsepower stock, add a cone air filter, header and exhaust and suddenly you have enough power to beat anything short of a Porche?


I don't know about you, but the category of cars which *I* consider to be less than a Porche is quite large and includes cars like the Chevrolet Corvette, Toyota Supra Turbo, Mazda RX-7... even the Volkswagen GTI-VR6 and Acura Integra GS-R, any of which I might own. I don't think that your VTEC powered Civic can beat any of these cars... At best, you may have added 5 or 10 horsepower at the peak (somewhere past 6000 RPM) while losing at least as much power below 4,000 RPM...

I am not trying to be mean I completely agree with you as far as talking stupid kids who think that they make an escort fast by just putting some speakers and upgrading the sticker package and hubcaps that they have a performance vehicle. I gurantee you my Civic is a fast car.

You guarantee that your Civic is a fast car? Fast compared to what!? A golf cart? My legs?

And it is probably the easiest car I have ever upgraded. I used to have a 1992 Camaro RS with the factory V-8 and had nothing but problems with it.

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I may be wrong), but I thought the Camaro RS came with the V6 engine only... if this is the case, then I have reason to believe that you have never owned this car and thus have never upgraded it and probably just added in this part to strengthen your argument.

Even if I am wrong about this, I still don't think you ever owned a Camaro. And what exactly made it so hard to modify the Camaro? Did they make the spring perches really hard to get at or something? If your idea of a heavily modified car is one with intake, air filter, exhaust, some springs shocks and anti-roll bars, I don't see how any one car could be really all that much harder to modify than any other...

Like I stated earlier I agree with you as far as referring to stupid people trying to make a slow car faster with hubcaps and stereos, but please for the love of god don't dogg out Civics!

I hope right after you wrote this to me you went out and raced another (stock) Civic and found out how slow your car really is...

A lot of guys just don't make any sense and write whatever the hell they want... this one came from a guy who claims to be from Oklahoma City.

i went to high school with you and i no your a gay dick sucking mother fucker.

You went to high school with me? That's really weird because I don't remember you... and believe me, if you went to my high school, i would have remembered you... My school only had like 450 students...

you,ve always been a little slow drivin bitch, i cant believe you have a home page for cars, it should be for i give good head web page, get off or i get your ass you little gay faggit dick sucking mother fucker. theirs your first warning dont let me warn you again.

My first warning? OH MY GOD I AM SO SCARED!! What if this guy comes after me? He could be Timothy McVae's brother or something! And what happens if I don't listen to you? What are you going to do? Write some more spineless, brainless e-mail?


... Another member of the "I am a wannabe racer with a slow car" club.

I think who ever thought of this shit sucks. He doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

Maybe the reason why he thinks I don't know what I am talking about is because most of the people he knows that know what they are talking about think like this (this is a dramatization, though not far from reality):

What do you mean cutting your springs is bad for your car? It lowers the center of gravity and makes it handle better!! My Eclipse RS (140 stock horsepower) has 170 horsepower now because I added intake (10hp), exhaust (5hp), header (10hp) and spark plug wires (5hp)... 10+5+10+5=30 horsepower!!

The fact that I disagree with this kind of math might have shocked him so badly that it led him to conclude that either his car (with these mods) is slow, or I don't know what I'm talking about. Since he doesn't want to accept the idea that his car is slow... well, I must be stupid then.

ok....first of all i've got a '96 civic ex, sebring exhaust, iceman intake, piping, ignition, '95 DC header, no catalytic-converter, and a 30psi of prob. do have a mustang or camaro..
Actually I am not really into drag racing, thus, I do not drive a Mustang or Camaro with immense amounts of power. Nor do I have 30psi of NOS. By the way, I thought they measured NOS in hp shots, not PSI... You're not just another one of those guys adding mods to your car as you write e-mail to me just to sound like you're all hard are you?
maybe you're just a fucking fake-ass asian that has no respect for anyone else that fixes up hondas and acuras...

No, the fake-ass Asians are the ones with the fake cars, and the fake ebonics that say that they are trying to be more "asian". Yeah whatever.

are you mad that you got a fucking 1300 sat and now you are one of those stupid asians with the big glasses that reads road and track all day because you have no friends...IS THAT IT??

NO, actually I am glad my parents didn't buy me a car for doing well on the SAT, or else I might have been turned into another spoiled asian brat like you. By the way, I pride myself on the fact that I am able to read the bottom line on an eyechart...

youre a fucking fag and i wish you could see MY car smoke your faggot ass on the I-5. later bitch

Yeah yeah yeah... I've heard it all before... you sound like a little kid that just got his favorite toy taken away by a bully or something. Why don't you go cry to mom and dad and have them buy you another bottle of NOS or something.

The Best of Rice-Boy Hate Mail

Here are some of the choice selections from the past!

hey rice boy, so what kind of car do you drive? DO you even have a car? Why are you so shame to tell us what kind of car you drive.

Um, yes, I do have a car. Two in fact. None of which my mommy and daddy bought for me. Why don't I tell you what kind of car I have? Well, it's not because I'm ashamed of it. It's just that I don't want punks like the other guy who's response appears just above yours to go looking for it. I don't exactly want to come out of a movie and find key marks all over my car that were placed there in a jealous rage.

The other reason is that there really is no reason for me to brag about my cars on the web. They don't do 12 second quarter miles. In fact, they are almost all stock. I gotta keep 'em that way to keep them legal for SCCA Solo II Stock Class. That and I don't want my car to be a rolling "I'm faster than you" billboard.

All you seem to do is criticize other people's cars? The only reason why i think you talk shit about everybody elses cars is because you're just jealous of all the other people that actually have cars.

Now why would I be jealous of someone who goes around pretending that there car is something that it is not? Hmmm? Why would I be jealous of some economy car? One of my cars is an economy car. So why would I be jealous of another guy's Civic? Because he gets 40 highway miles to the gallon compared to my 30? Oh yeah, I guess I am jealous. I'm proud of my cars... unlike most of the other rice-boys and their economy cars, mommy and daddy didn't buy me one because I got a 1300 on my SAT's....

I'm not shame of my car, i drive a green accord with greddy exhaust, akimoto intake and a 1,8 drop. atleast i have the fuckin balls to say what kind of car i drive. Are you so pussy not to tell everyone what kind of car you drive. I can honestly say that i am telling you the truth. you may think that i am bullshitting but you aren't saying anything about your car.

I am proud of what I drive. And being proud of what I drive, I don't want to come out of the grocery store and see it all keyed up by some loser who didn't have the balls to come up to me directly (or leave their e-mail address) and confront me.

my friends and i enjoy modifying the cars that we have, why are you criticizing and dissing so many people's cars. The only reason why i think you criticize our cars is because you don't even have a car. why don't you add a picture of your car to your stupid rice boy page of yours.

Do you know how to say anything else but tell me that I'm jealous and have no balls?

Is that really your name? Rice boy sounds to me like a dill. pussy name for a pussy person.

It would appear to me that Rice-Boy would be your name....

Racing you isn't even worth considering, knowing that you don't even have the balls to reveal your car.

I'd like to see if you even go out to any sanctioned events, and I ain't talking about no "Battle of the Imports" or anything.

As for now ill be assuming that you are racing in the big yellow mobile in California.


SO at what speed to you top off at? 60 mph? Taking those killer turns at 2 mph? And as for your quarter mile, what's the time again? 20 seconds at 50 mph?

Top speed? Um one of them is about 120, more like 118, the other one, I've never taken it up to top speed, though it's more than 120 since I have teken it up that far. Nothing to write home about, but then again, I never wrote home about it...

As for quarter mile and 0-60 times... why don't you look in the Road & Track? My cars are the same as the ones in there... well, except for a short shift kit on one of the cars, but it's not like that's going to make it any faster.

On the other hand, since you are challenging my car's speed, I'd like to know exactly how fast your car goes... Let's see... Honda Accord? 120 mph? Oh yeah, I forgot, you probably have a akimoto air filter and a Greddy exhaust. I guess that increases your top speed to 180mph. And I suppose that air filter and exhaust gives you 100 extra horsepower so you can run in the 15's? Come to think of it... I could probably find your car's speeds in the Road & Track as well...

For someone that is as salty as you and with a name like rice boy you must be a pussy. Write back as soon as possible, i want to hear your response.

I don't understand how you can go through a whole letter telling me how much I lack balls, and then at the end you tell me to write back to you but you don't even leave your e-mail address!! I would say then, that it is YOU who has no balls.

This next response is from a guy that obviously doesn't understand the concept of what a Rice-Boy is.

"Are you trying to put down Hondas? I've got a 1992 Civic Si. Last year I put in a 1990 Integra LS engine, threw in a Turbonetics T-4 turbo, HKS intercooler and have been rocking the 1/4 mile since. When I feel like going REALLY fast, I add the juice from my NOS pro-fogger system. If you think Civics can't run, you should see the look on those 'stang drivers when I pull a disappearing act on their dumb ass. I think I have proved my point.. don't be putting down Honda products, dammit. Your time has been appreciated. Sincerely, Jack"

No, I am not trying to put down Honda's. I'm trying to put down cars that pretend to be fast but are not.

Anyway, there is no way for me to ever really know if Jack actually has all this stuff. But it doesn't matter. The e-mail address this guy left doesn't even work, so there's no way I can really get back to him and straighten things out, so I'll do it right here.

Jack, it's obvious that there is some kind of misunderstanding here. I'm not putting down Honda's. I'm not putting down any specific make or model of car. I'm not even really putting down the cars at all. I AM however, putting down the people who drive around in cars that LOOK and SOUND fast, and act like their cars are fast, when really, they AREN'T. The average guy driving around in a Honda Civic with rims and racing stripes doesn't have a turbo or NOS under the hood.

Here's one from a veritable Rice-Boy:

I think you are a total asshole and probably drive a fucking mustang or camaro What kind of asian are you that puts down hondas and the like. What a fucking traitor Some people don't have the money to actually make there imports fast, and just what them to look fast Who are you to tell them what they are doing is wrong.What are you an imports nazi or some shit. By the way I have a real rice rocket a 94 Integra GS-R.With a racing stripe and big exhaust tip. So kiss my ass and look at my tailinghts fading into the night.

Welp what can I say. I drive a Japanese car. In fact, I LOVE my Japanese car. I don't say that Honda's are bad cars. But they weren't meant to go fast... I mean like really, really fast. And they certainly were not designed with drag racing in mind (which is what me and this guy would have been doing if I did see his tail lights disappearing into the night, which I wouldn't have anyway if I drove a Camaro). Even this guy admits that you have to make an import go fast. And some people don't have the money. He also talks about his '94 Integra GS-R.

Any smart person that doesn't have the money to make an import actually go fast would have done one of two things: not have fixed up their car and thus prevent ending up looking stupid to anyone he raced, or saving some money and buying a "fucking mustang or camaro".

The '94 integra GS-R cost around 19.5 thousand bucks. A '95 mustang GT cost approximately 18 thousand dollars. The Mustang also does 0-60 about a second quicker, the quarter mile about half a second quicker, stops faster, and handles better. If I did drive a "fucking mustang," this rice-boy would be kissing my ass and watching my tailights disappear into the night.

Oh yes, and the Camaro Z28 with 275 horsepower in '95 could be had well equipped for under $20,000. And as far as drag racing goes, is better than the Mustang GT.

A '95 EX Civic costed about 16 and a half thousand dollars. Add rims, low profile tires, exhaust, lowering springs, PIAA lights, a big spoiler, and an HKS powerflow or K&N, and whaddya got? Almost enough to buy a Mustang. Or a car that looks like it's trying to be fast. But it's really just an economy car. There's no way around that.

So would I have seen his tailights at a stop light if I drove a Mustang? Probably not. A Camaro? Even less likely... well, maybe when I come up from behind him when I pull up to the light...

This next response is from another guy who refused to leave his real e-mail address, and then proceeds to tell me that I have no balls. Hmmm. This one was so good that I just had to put it up. I will respond to it line by line (and believe me, I have omitted nothing!).

You Sir are a COCKSUCKER EXTREME!!!! I feel like I am wasting my time even acknowledging you're sad existence!! Why don't you spend more time devoting yourself to more constructive measures!!

First of all, I have never put my mouth around anyone's... anyways, your existance must be even sadder than mine- judging from the way that you are offended, you must be a rice-boy, after all why would you be offended if this page didn't describe you exactly the way you are? I'm very sorry that you have to live that way. And by the way, these are my "constructive measures". I'm trying to expose the stupidity of people like you.

Instead you have to demean innocent people who have the "constitutional right" to do whatever the hell they want to their cars!!

By talking about "constitutional rights" you have already contradicted yourself. Why do you have to demean innocent people who think making a car look fast without making it fast is wrong? Why do I have to let you do whatever you want if I'm not allowed to do whatever I want?

What harm is ther in making a car look fast??? Automotive manufactuters always do this!! look at the Hyundai Tiburon! Sleek lines and flashy body but no balls ( like you!)

The Hyundai Tiburon? The base engine for the Hyundai Tiburon produces 130 bhp, the upgraded engine, 140 bhp. First I would like to point out that the Tiburon's base engine produces more power than the best Honda Civic engine. Do you know what this means? It means that the Tiburon with the better engine probably produces more power than a "fixed up" (intake/exhaust) Civic with a big spoiler and rims and all that other garbage.

Furthermore, the Tiburon's engine produces more horsepower than the base 3-series BMW, Mazda MX-6, and the Toyota Celica GT. And it produces as much horsepower as the Mitsubishi Eclipse. All very sleek looking cars. With even less balls than the Tiburon!!. The difference? A fully loaded Tiburon can be had for $18,000. You can barely get the base models of these other cars for that much. Before you make some accusation about Hyudai's cars, you should probably do your homework and look into it to make sure you know what you are talking about.

Am I saying that these cars are not as good as a Tiburon because they don't produce as much power? No. But what I am saying is that the Tiburon does have some balls. Well, as much as just about any Civic with a big spoiler there is out there.

And who is the one without the balls? You know my e-mail address. So does the whole world including all the people that might be offended by this page. But you don't have the balls enough to let me write back to you.

I've seen many Japanese imports kick domestic ass!!! American cars are still low-tech pieces of shit that can't handle and are only fast in a straight line!!

Really? Which Japanese imports kick which domestic cars' ass? I have a feeling that you are comparing fixed up imports with stock domestics. A lot of rice-boys seem to like to do this, as if it were illegal to fix up a V8 engine or something.

And by the way, American cars are not "still low-tech pieces of shit". Case in point: Chevrolet Corvette vs. Acura NSX-T. The Acura NSX is touted as being a display of technical mastery, the pinacle of Japanese engineering. Yet the Corvette, hailed as "America's Sportscar" not only outperforms it in a straight line, but out slaloms the NSX, out skidpads the NSX, and hell, it even brakes better than the NSX. If the Corvette is a low-tech piece of shit, then what does that makes the NSX?

Now don't get all riled up here. I'm not saying that the NSX is a bad car or anything like that. It's an EXCELLENT car. The only reason why I brought up the NSX and compared it to the Corvette was simply to prove that American cars are capable of doing more than just going in a straight line. The only reason why I am saying this is because a lot of guys wrote in thinking that I was trying to put down Japanese cars or the NSX or something and I just got sick of writing back to every one of them. Once again, the only reason why this comparison is here is to show that American cars are capable of handling well.

To further refute this "American cars are only fast in a straight line" busines, I would like to point out that the Mustang GT outperforms the Prelude Type SH in the slalom. What!?? Even with all of Honda's torque transfer refinement? Yup. And you know what else? The Mustang GT costs $6,000 less, and gets to 60 a whole second quicker. If you want a fair price comparison, you should probably compare the Prelude to the Mustang Cobra, which gets to 60 yet another second faster (read: 2 seconds faster than the Prelude), and handles even better for about the same price as a Prelude Type SH(it).

What else can the Mustang GT out slalom? The Mitsubishi Eclipse! And it comes within 1mph in the slalom of the Nissan 300ZX Turbo! For less than half the money! Who says American cars only go fast in a straight line?? Is the slalom an all-encompassing test for handling? No, but if nothing else, these numbers show that the Mustang is at least a competent car going side to side as well as straight ahead.

The Prelude Type SH was rated the best handling car under $30,000? Why yes, it was. Even if it handles better than a Mustang, it doesn't really matter because all I am trying to say is that American cars can do more than just go fast in a straight line.

I drive an Import ( Nissan 300ZX TT ) and I kick Camaro's Vettes, Mustangs, and all that other shit on the road.

That's really interesting, because, well, the Nissan 300ZX TT went for about $40,000 and the cars you are comparing it to don't match up to that. Camaro: $15,900-$27,000; Mustang: $15,990-$29,990 - the only thing that you mentioned that's about in the same price range is the Corvette. But even the old Corvette was faster than the 300ZX TT. And the new Corvette, well... that get's to 60 in under 5 seconds (under FIVE seconds), and runs quarter miles in the 13's. The Z, I am sorry to say, runs to 60 in under SIX seconds, and runs the quarter mile in the 14's. And the Corvette handles better than the Z as well. Surprised? Of course you are. You are still think that American cars only go fast in a straight line. And as long as I am talking about the straight line, the Camaro competes with the Z in a straight line. Hmmm. And if a Mustang GT can compete with the Z in handling, just imagine what a Mustang with $15,000 worth of modifications (the difference in price) can do to a Z. Think about it.

I have two points here. One is that American cars can go fast in other directions besides just a straight line. The other is that if you are going to say that some Japanese cars are faster than some American cars, don't go comparing $40,000 japanese cars with $20,000 American cars. The truth is, in a straight line, a $20,000 American car can hold its own against a $40,000 Japanese car. Just imagine what a $20,000 American car will do to a $20,000 Japanese car. And if you want to talk about handling, well, the $45,000 Corvette out classes the $80,000 NSX-T in every aspect of driving. Handling, braking, and in Speed, well the Acura doesn't stand a chance.

Just do the math. If you are going to say that American car's can't handle well, then I direct you to the Mustang GT, Mustang Cobra and the Camaro SS, and dare you to compare them to the (similarly priced) Eclipse, Prelude, Integra, and Celica. Then look at the straight line performance. I think the only thing you might come up with is that the Japanese cars get better gas milage. Well no wonder, they're so much SLOWER.

And you know what the real kicker is? You can almost buy two Corvettes for the price of one NSX-T. Well what do you know? What's that you say? Japanese cars are more expensive because of trade tarriffs? Well, yes, that does factor in here, but I don't think that the reason why the NSX's price went up almost $30,000 in the last 5 or 6 years was due to the goverment adding that many more taxes on to the car...

Ok, this next response was so great that I had to reply to it here instead of just keep it to myself.

what the fuck kind of asian are you?! just cuz you think its dumb if somepeople put looks over performance doesn't mean its wrong. what's so great about a regular looking honda which has all this shit under the hood if other people don't know?! how often do you drive a car when shit like NOS and other shit counts? hardly ever for most people so if we rather make our car look nice its our right. fuckin traitor white-wash fuckhead. go fuckin kiss your white masters ass. and to that bitch who talk shit about us asian guys..fuck off, you probably too ugly so no one wants you, go get your dumb-fuck white guy with a 5.25/hr job. dumb bitch. and to that dumb ho who says "you can't say Chinese, Japanese..are asian..blah blah blah" must be white cuz i don't know any asians that are that dumb! FUCK!

Like the last response, I'll go over this thing bit by bit again.

what the fuck kind of asian are you?!

To me this line screams out but one thing- SLOW CAR. This guy MUST have a slow car. Why? Because he can't defend his car. He doesn't say "I have a 12 second Civic that will burn your ass any day". He can't. Why? Because he doesn't. But he has to say SOMETHING to me to defend himself. So what does he do instead? Throw my integrity as a person into question. What else does he have to say? Nothing.

What kind of Asian am I? I'm one that actually cares about what people think about myself beyond some superficial image of speed. Asian-ness is not, and never was defined by what someone does to their car. Putting a giant "Type-R" sticker on a 1991 Integra LS doesn't make one guy more Asian than another. What it does do is make one guy more stupid than the other. And lots of guys out there think Asians are all stupid because of the highly visible minority of asians I call Rice-Boys. A lot of guys think all asians think being a rice-boy is cool because of this small minority of highly visible rice boys, when in actuality, most asians do NOT share their sentiments. The kind of Asian I am is one that has some dignity about my own race and believe in my race enough to stand up to these guys who think they know what being Asian is. I want people to know that not all asians (and in fact, most asians) don't think rice-boys are cool.

I want to show that in fact, the only Asians that think that rice-boys are portraying Asians in a good light to the rest of the world are the rice-boys themselves.

Whether or not I lower my car isn't what makes me more or less asian. It's how much I value and take pride in my heritage that matters. I just came back from Korea, and what do you know... I didn't see a single lowered car. Exhaust systems, yes, but lowering, no. Why? It's not really all that practical for street driving, even in a place with as crazy roads (and drivers) as Seoul. And no Type-R stickers. How can these things make someone more asian when most of the people in Asia aren't doing it?

just cuz you think its dumb if somepeople put looks over performance doesn't mean its wrong.

Well, if you don't think putting Type-R stickers on old Integras is wrong or that putting a huge ass "TRUST" sticker on the side of your car when all you have from them is an air filter, that's your perogative. If you want to write "POWERED BY HKS" on your car when all you have is a muffler from them (since when do mufflers 'power' cars? I always thought it was the engine...) that's up to you. But if you want to be so bold in your statements, then realize that not everyone is going to think that an air filter is enough for you to be able to deserve to put a 6 foot long GREDDY sticker on your car. Realize that you are drawing a whole lot of attention to yourself and that you will draw more than just 'good' attention.

This next part is the funniest:

what's so great about a regular looking honda which has all this shit under the hood if other people don't know?! how often do you drive a car when shit like NOS and other shit counts?

Yeah. What's so great about having an extra, instant 50 horsepower under the hood? What kind of moron would want something like that? Why would I want to see the look on the guy's face when I blow away his Civic with a 20 foot spoiler and 6" exhaust tip while I'm driving a "regular looking honda which has all this shit under the hood"?

And believe me, people will know you have that NOS under the hood, not by your stickers but by the fact that they're now staring at your tail lights through clouds of white smoke...

This guy obviously doesn't understand the concept of a "sleeper".

hardly ever for most people so if we rather make our car look nice its our right.

Yeah. What kind of car would need extra power, and when the hell would anyone ever use it? Then again, I know my car could use it. I'm willing to bet a lot people would like a extra power in their cars... for passing on those 2 lane roads... for merging onto the freeway... for burning rice-boys. Hmmm. Yeah, I guess there isn't any use for more power. You're right. And once again, if you think rims leaning in and hoods that are covered with "Neuspeed" when you don't have anything from them looks good, that's your perogative. Personally, I don't think very many people besides Rice-Boys and Rice-Chicks are attracted to that kind of thing.

The rest I think I'll leave alone since I think I already covered the race issue pretty good. Except for that last line-

and to that dumb ho who says "you can't say Chinese, Japanese..are asian..blah blah blah" must be white cuz i don't know any asians that are that dumb! FUCK!

Is it just me or does this sound like some whiny little kid pouting? Oh yeah, I can think of one asian that is that dumb- the guy with the cool hotmail account that wrote this to me hehe.

Maybe I should take a poll- how many guys think that this guy does a good job of promoting Asians and giving them better representation in the world? How many people think he is serving the Asian community well by making such intelligent remarks like "FUCK!"? How many people think that this guy is making Asians look good?

Well, a few months later this guy wrote back complaining that he couldn't respond when I posted his stuff up here, so I will post his response up here now:

hey you fuckin pussy drip! its me, the hotmail "riceboy" you featured in your faggot webpage. you think you all the shit for talking big behind your computer screen. come up to SF and away from all your butt-fucking faggot andrew cunnanon pricks in san diego and talk your shit. you talk so much fuckin shit, your breath stink like my dick after i fuck your mom doggy style. i know white-washed shit like you. you don't know shit but you act like a smart-ass. you talk all the shit but you ain't got the balls to face us. you think you so smart by posting my mail and your faggot remarks even though i can't reply. well i replied. BTW, actually an exhaust system do help "power" a car cuz it helps the engine release exghasut faster. YEAH BEYATCH!!!! you better recognize cuz you don't know who i am!! you ain't shit, i crap bigger than you. i ask again, what kind of fuck asian are you? how dare you make fun of us, we are the ones who aren't ashamed to be asian and aren't ashamed to show white people we are better than them! bitch go lick the sweat off my right nut!

Hmmm... these are the kinds of people that make me ashamed to be Asian... so I guess in some sense, you could say that I am ashamed.

This next message is another one, typical of what I get from rice-boys. I will do this one the same way, line by line, more or less.

Dear Fag,

Since when were fags people who don't think fixing up corollas is cool?

first off i think you should come on out to hawaii to talk some shit about all of us "rice boys" most of us have thousands of stickers and many fog lights, but we think they look nice on our cars.

Sure, if you want to pay for my trip there. My mommy and daddy don't buy me everything like Civic's and rims and exhaust systems and trips to Hawaii, so I suppose you should cover the cost for me then, if you think this trip will be so enlightening. But I highly doubt the rice-boys in Hawaii are any different from the ones right here in California. And uh... just cuz you think thousands of stickers make a car look good, doesn't mean the rest of the world shares your sentiments.

I have 4 fogs on my car and I USE THEM!!! On windy back roads where we race you cant see shit unless you have some serious lighting.

Well, that's good for you, but what about the guys who drive on the perfectly lit freeway (so bright you could drive without any lights on) with their four foglights on? What are they using theirs for?

We also use them to blind queers like you.

OH! Now I get it. All this time I thought these lights were supposed to be used for lighting up the road! Wow. You learn something new every day. I suppose the "queers" you blind are the ones that burn you at the stoplight... if you can't beat 'em... blind 'em!

I have a civic that pulls 14.5 sec quaters at the local track. I spent a lot of money to make it go that fast,

Am I supposed to be impressed or something? 14.5 seconds isn't fast. Maybe it's fast for a CIVIC but it's not FAST. There's lots of cars out there that can do 14's STOCK and I am not talking about supercars either... imports, domestics, whatever you like. If you spent a lot of money to go that "fast" maybe your money would have been better spent elsewhere.

but you dont understand the fun of souping up the cars.

No, what I don't understand is what is so fun about spending $5,000 or more "souping up" a car and still have it be slower than a stock Eclipse.

I would never want to buy a car that you couldnt work on.

I wasn't aware that there were cars out there that you COULDN'T work on. Maybe the GM EV1 or something. But even that is faster (at least to it's governed top speed of 80 mph) than even a "fixed up" Civic.

That's one of the best parts of having tiny Jap cars.

I wasn't aware that tiny jap cars had more potential to be fixed up than other cars... especially since people have been fixing up American cars for drag racing since the 1930's... If any culture has souping up cars built in to their cars, I think it would be the Americans. In fact, I don't really remember large numbers of people fixing up japanese cars until recent years, so if modification potential is one of the best parts of having a tiny jap car, then I guess the domestics are even better.

And what's wrong if people with slow cars upgrade them?

Nothing. But...

I mean, just because you have a slow car what permits you from making it go a little faster, handle a little better, or look a little cooler.

Nothing. There is nothing wrong with that. But thinking your car is faster than it is, looks better than it is, and handles better than it does... and boasting about nonexistant performance, well that's a little wrong.

Its a free fuck'n country. We're intitled to do what ever the fuck we want.

That's right. You have the right to do whatever you want. And so do I. So I can have this page here if I like. I am not forcing you to stop fixing up your car. I'm just telling you that I think what you are doing is pretty dumb.

My friend has a Toyota Corolla with performance filter and aftermarket exhaust. I bet he could smoke you on the freeway.

Hmm. Is there something different about the air in Hawaii that makes exhaust and air filter give 50 horsepower? And what the hell is freeway racing? A top speed competition? Ooooh, that takes so much skill. Though I highly doubt he would be able to get anywhere faster than me on southern california's congested freeways...

Actually, if your friends corolla does somehow have this kind of extra power, I'd like to know what kind of exhaust and intake he is using because if he does get that kind of power, maybe I can forget about putting a turbo in my car and just get whatever he has...

I know tons of guys with air filters and exhausts. They don't even "smoke" stock versions of their own cars. They can BEAT them, yes, but "smoke" them? How do I know? They race stock versions of their own cars all the time.

If you talk shit about me because I didnt leave an address its because i dont have one, i was at my friends house on his internet and i looked up your fucked up page and it pissed me off.
Maybe it's your slow car that is pissing you off more than my page...

I bet if you lived over herte and people knew you wrote this page you get shot or run off the road.

Over where? Over herte? I bet if you lived over here you'd get your ass whipped every day just for being so dumb. See, that's the difference between me and you. I got balls, and you don't. I KNOW people don't like this page, but I leave it here. I KNOW people know I made this page. But mostly I'm not afraid. See, I know already that rice-boys are all talk in the first place. That's what those stickers are all about... they are all talk. But when it counts, they got nothing under the hood to show for it.

Some cars can get to intense with stickers, I admit that, but you talk too much shit about some things. I advertise some things i have under my hood not only to make my car look nice (which it does) but because I am proud of the things i have in my car.

Well, you think it looks nice. And you can be proud of your 14 seconds. I suppose you got there with an air filter and exhaust system like your friend, right?

If you think you're the shit, come out to Hawaii some time, and don't forget your car. I drive a custom color magenta red civic coupe.

Yeah right like I am going to waste my money shipping my car over there to race some civic... what makes you think the Civics in Hawaii are so much faster than the ones stateside? Do Civic's in Hawaii come equipped with GS-R engines or something? And I suppose the Corollas over their like your friend's come equipped with the inline 6 from the Supra. Well, it must if it's so fast. I suppose your custom color also helps you get to that "ultra-fast" 14.5 second ET, right?

Anyway, it seems to me that you are the one that think's you're "the shit" so I suppose you should be coming over here. I don't have anything to prove, so why should I make any effort? I'd hate to go all the way over there and find out that your civic can't even run in the 15's. I wouldn't want to waste money on that. So you should come here and show me your car. There's a drag strip less than 20 miles from where I live. And bring your friend's corolla too. That's something I really gotta see.

And I'd love for you to talk shit to my face about my car or my friend's cars who also have stickers on them.

Yeah me too. Haha. I'll bring my friends too just in case you wanna start a fight instead of just "talk". Maybe we can all bring our cars just to see how fast these Hawaiian Corollas and Civics really are.

Any one of our cars could take you on the freeway and look better doing it to. Or do you have the balls to freeway race??? All of us out here would probaly taqlk shit about

How much balls does it take to go fast on a wide well lit road with gentle curves? Um. None? Why do you keep talking about freeway racing? Are you afraid that your car can't handle a real road course? Is your drag racing technique not up to par? Any moron can drive fast on a freeway.

By the way, his message got cut off at the end like that, so that's all I have.

Really, does this guy think that Hawaiian cars are faster? How can he be so certain that a Corolla with just an air filter and exhaust can burn whatever I have, whatever it is? For all he knows I drive a turbo supra! Hey like he asked... what's wrong with fixing up a slow car? Nothing. But boasting about some nonexistant speed... well there's something wrong with that. And it's something that a lot of riceboys do!

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