Bryan's Rice-Boy Hall of the Shameless Vol. 1:


Here is a Prelude S that is owned by a rice-boy who is proud to be a rice-boy (and is a friend of mine as well heh). He has gone to great lengths to give the illusion that his car is a VTEC model. Don't forget to check out the INTERVIEW with the owner of this car!!

Prelude VTEC Wannabe at Home

For as long as anyone can seem to remember (including himself), the all the owner of this prelude really wanted were VTEC rims. So finally, his senior year in high school, he got them! That is perhaps one of the first things you might notice about this car.

A Closer Look

From this angle, we can more clearly see his VTEC emulation. We have the spoiler, and the VTEC wheels (again), and of course, the all important, VTEC sticker. But I assure you, there is no VTEC under the hood, only a plain jane Prelude S, non-VTEC enhanced engine. Basically a fuel economy car, more or less.

To set his VTEC apart from all the other VTEC's out there (real, and not so real), he installed an (actually quite nice) exhaust, which I must admit, sounds much nicer than the average four-cylinder rice-boy bumble bee muffler.

The All-Important Stickers

To complete his VTEC lookalike job, he placed a VTEC sticker on his car. You may notice that this sticker is mounted a bit low. When asked about this he said, "All the Prelude drivers know it's not a VTEC, but when I pass the Civic guys they say, 'oh shit! That's a VTEC!".

Other clues that might betray this Prelude's image as a VTEC is the fact that if you look inside it has an automatic transmission (This generation of Preludes in VTEC form could only be had with a manual transmission), and the fact that it has no power door locks.

Last Modified 10/03/98.

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No, you are not seeing funny. This page used to be the Hall of Shame #3.

The term "Rice-Boy" is not meant to be a racially derogatory term. It just reflects the fact that most of these types of cars are owned by Asians and that they are all Japanese made cars. I myself an an Asian, and I still think these guys are dumb. It's not about race -- it's about attitude.