The Adventures of Rice-Boy and His Dog Mugen

Many people ask me where I got the idea to start this page. A lot of other people ask me where I got the name. Well now you will get to see where it all started!!

About six years ago, back in my sophomore year in high school, I saw the first fixed-up civic that I can remember. I was riding in my mom's van and this blue Civic Si with some exhaust system blew by me. I thought... wow, that looks cool, all lowered like that, and that sounds cool.

So I started getting interested in import performance. I read some magazines, and whatever. But as I saw more and more 'performance' imports out there, I started to realize that a lot of these guys were just fakers and didn't know anything about performance at all.

Anyway, my friends and I started making fun of them, and one day, bored in study hall, I started drawing a little comic strip, called The Adventures of Rice-Boy and His Dog Mugen. The art wasn't that good, but the message was there, and my friends thought it was funny.

Soon we got sick of refering to them as "you know those guys with those lowered Civics?" and just starting calling them riceboys, after the character in my little drawings.

Anyway, I dug up those old drawings and scanned them so now everyone can see where this all started, so here you go!

Episode 1: How to make your car faster
Hi. My name is Rice-Boy. I have the sweetest, most original car ever. The stickers make it go fast. So does the spoiler. Chicks love my car. They think it's fast.

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The term "Rice-Boy" is meant to be a derogatory term. But not racially derogatory. Some people might say that regardless of what this disclaimer says, it makes Asians look bad. Well, I hate to break it to these people but asians are not the only people on this planet who eat rice. Everyone eats rice. White people eat rice. Black people eat rice. Native Americans? They eat rice. Europeans eat rice!! And, if you open your eyes, you might notice that a whole lot of the rice-boys out there aren't even asian! The "rice" really refers to their cars. It's not about their race, it's about their attitude!