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This page, will (hopefully) be updated weekly, and will include some of the responses I get every week, and my responses to them. You'll be seeing hate mail, and non hate mail here! And now, for my standard response-page spiel:

I would like to take the time to reiterate some things about my opinions and such. I do not hate import cars. I do not hate Hondas. I do not think American cars are superior. Nor do I think Japanese cars are superior. Really, the Rice-Boy page has nothing to do with that argument Also, I am perfectly aware that there are some guys with Civics or other imports that are fast. The rice-boy page has nothing to do with the cars that are actually fast. Only the ones that pretend to be fast but are not.

Another thing is that you will probably notice that I have put more hate mail up here than friendly mail. This is not because I get more hate mail, like some people (mostly rice-boys) seem to think. It's just that hate mail is just so much more interesting to read! I get about one piece of hate mail from a rice boy for about every 70-80 response I get from someone who likes this page.

Updated 3 December 1998

Look, it's actually on time for once!

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Hate Mail of the Week

Since the hate-mails were pretty weak (and mostly nonexistant) this week, I'm going to include the one weak hate-mail, and then after that, a sort of medium-mail. So here is that hate-mail right here:

you stupid shit, shut the fuck up riceboy. you're probally still driving your mom's car, you fucked up immature ass.

Yup, I'm the immature one that's still driving my mom's car.

Ok, like I said, it was pretty weak. Well here's the medium one. This guy actually brings up some good points, although I still won't change anything because I'm too stubborn like that hehe:

I like your web page and I agree that its a) a complete waste of time and money, and b) a total lame-ass thing to do to put a bunch of meaningless crap like ground effects and performance company stickers on an otherwise stock economy car. The pictures on your web page are almost as bad as the ones in Euro Lowrider. On the other hand, I think its really cool to take a 100hp subcompact economy car and turn it into a 500 hp dragster. Sure its true that you can do better with a real sports car, but thats not what I enjoy about it. Its the same thing as the Australian dragsters made from old R1s that are about 4 feet long and do quarter miles in under 10s. Like matchbox cars for adults. Thats professional though, and the 'rice boys' are a far cry from that with modifying their exhaust in hopes to make their 100 hp 1.8l I4 breathe better for a whole 3-8% increase in HP that they'll never feel anyway.

What I don't understand is how this 'rice boy subculture' affects all asians. Thats a little extreme. Perhaps your only responding to the accusations that your a traitor to asian people because of your ragging on 'rice boys'. Still you say that it makes asians look bad, and that every time one pulls out of their garage anyone who sees them will laugh and think "stupid asians" (this is your example, though I might have misquoted it).

Its the same as saying that white people who have mohawks are giving a bad name to the other white people and when they go out of their houses and people see them. Those people laugh and think stupid white people. My point with this is; If someone is going to judge all asians based on 'rice boys' then what could their opinions be worth anyways? How stupid, narrow-minded, and bigoted in the first place would they have to be to do that, and who the hell cares what stupid people think anyway?

It seems to be a running theme in the mail you receive though, as if the 'rice boys' who take to 'all show and no go' somehow reflect on asians in general, and this isn't even challenged. Its accepted and the debate seems to be who is really at fault; you for degrading other asians by your criticisms, or the rice boys for degrading other asians by their actions. I think thats total bullshit. Its pretty weak that people base their identities on their race, and this is really an example of it in its worst form. I know that this is way off the focus of your page, but I wanted to say it anyway.

I also think its great that you host a web page and get 200,000 hits. I'd like to see your detractors who call you a computer geek and tell you to get a life do the same with their shaky grasp of written english (Yo, This be my totally phat Civic-trick page, yo. Shouts out to my funky fresh brothers in tha suburban hood with their weak ass econoboxes and their 6 inch exhaust tips. Snaps to the train of bitches that follow us like moths to a flame, mesmerized by the neon glow around our license plates.) Its as if they think you should quit doing something constructive and run a racing stripe down your car with a can of Glidden home exterior paint (supersonic blue pearl of course).

Your comics suck, by the way. Just thought you should know. And why does your school have a study hall?

Well at least I never claimed to be an artist :)

Great Mail of the Week

This guy provides some insight into the origins of rice-dom.

I found your site incredibly entertaining. The hall of Shame is excellent! Keep up the great work!

As an Asian American who loves cars, I'm glad someone is trying to tell these idiots on the streets that their cars are ugly, slow, and that they have no concept of good design. It's embarrassing to the rest of the Asians out there that are auto enthusiasts and that know how to modify their cars so that they're both fast and great looking. The RiceBoys are giving the rest of us a bad name out there. Have you no eye for detail??? Do you understand things like physics, inertia, weight, aero dynamics, or are you just plain stupid???

One thing I'd like to comment on are some of the articles in some of the popular "Compact Car" magazines out there. The "slammed" modified automobile phenomenon has been around much longer that the Honda Accord okay, so stop trying to claim yourselves as the innovator of the "slammed" vehicle. When my friends and I first got into the "lowered" scene, it was back when Datsun(do you know what that is?) 510's Z's, and Mazda RX2's, 3's, and 4's we're ripping up places like Riverside Raceway and Laguna Seca. We were modifying our cars and were REALLY racing them on the track back when you guys were still suckin on your mom's left nipple or your dad was bonking your mom to try and conceive your sorry ass for that matter. We paid for our own cars and mods back then(unlike you sorry punks with your mom's credit cards) and had to fabricate and make most of our own parts because import parts just weren't available then. Thanks to places like Electromotive, TMC, and the original TRD (when it was on the other side of Western Ave.) we were able to blow away some of the most established racing cars and teams on the track and upset quite a few V8's at the evening street races at Naugles in Gardena.

So if you decide to do a bit of history writing, you better make sure your information goes back farther than your short term memory cause you're missing a whole era - the era when it REALLY started.

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