Bryan's Rice-Boy Hall of the Shameless

This is the Hall of the Shameless, where you will find pages featuring ricey cars and their proud to be rice owners!

These people go way out of their way to be as ricey as they can be, and have displayed such a level of meticulous riciness that I felt they deserved entire sections to themselves rather than just being stuck in some Hall of Shame with 10 other cars.

Hall of the Shameless Vol. 1:
VTEC?: The story of a Prelude S model's transformation into a VTEC.
Hall of the Shameless Vol. 2:
The Austin BiG-WHeeLiEz KreW: Bored Texans with nothing better to do.

Last Modified 10/03/98.

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The term "Rice-Boy" is meant to be a derogatory term. But not racially derogatory. Some people might say that regardless of what this disclaimer says, it makes Asians look bad. Well, I hate to break it to these people but asians are not the only people on this planet who eat rice. Everyone eats rice. White people eat rice. Black people eat rice. Native Americans? They eat rice. Europeans eat rice!! And, if you open your eyes, you might notice that a whole lot of the rice-boys out there aren't even asian! The "rice" really refers to their cars. It's not about their race, it's about their attitude!