Bryan's Rice-Boy Response Page

Over the years of operating this site, I have collected a lot of e-mail responses. Here are some examples of them. I've also kept around some of the oldest responses from this site, and put those in the Classic Great/Hate mail sections. More current (and more frequently updated) selections can be found in the Responses of the Week section. But don't be fooled by the name, it doesn't get updated every week hehe.

Classic Great Mail:
Comments of years past from people who relate.
Classic Hate Mail:
Some people think this is the funniest part of the whole site.
Responses of the Week:
Current great/hate mail, updated every... whenever I get around to it.
Response Form:
Let me know what you have to say.

Last Modified 12/1/1999

Disclaimer: The responses published here may have been edited for length and/or content. The return addresses of those who respond are kept secret unless I am otherwise instructed.