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This page, will (hopefully) be updated weekly, and will include some of the responses I get every week, and my responses to them. You'll be seeing hate mail, and non hate mail here! And now, for my standard response-page spiel:

I would like to take the time to reiterate some things about my opinions and such. I do not hate import cars. I do not hate Hondas. I do not think American cars are superior. Nor do I think Japanese cars are superior. Really, the Rice-Boy page has nothing to do with that argument Also, I am perfectly aware that there are some guys with Civics or other imports that are fast. The rice-boy page has nothing to do with the cars that are actually fast. Only the ones that pretend to be fast but are not.

Another thing is that you will probably notice that I have put more hate mail up here than friendly mail. This is not because I get more hate mail, like some people (mostly rice-boys) seem to think. It's just that hate mail is just so much more interesting to read! I get about one piece of hate mail from a rice boy for about every 70-80 response I get from someone who likes this page.

Updated 3 June 2000

Yes, that's right! It's the first Responses of the "Weak" of the new millenium!! Never mind that it's June, and that the Millenium doesn't actually start for another six months! But this truly is a momentous occasion!!

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Hate Mail of the Week

Well I've collected some interesting hate mail over the last half a year or so. Check it out! This first one... is from a typical Canadian trying so very hard to convince me, as many Canadians do, that Canada is a real country, and that Americans (that is, people from the United States) are inferior to Canadians.

Fuck Canada


I just visited your website for the first time and I found it very entertaining. I was going through your Halls of Shame when I notice a mistake. In your Hall of Shame VOl 5, the comments you made on the first car, the Civic Si Hatchback with the SiR badging are not all accurate. Obviously I know that that car wasn't an SiR and I would never try to pull that off anyways. But when you said that the SiR was not even sent to America you were wrong. Here in Canada we have the Civic SiR with the DOHC V-Tec at 167bhp. The problem is that in the states what you call an Si we call an SiR and what we call an Si you guys call an EX coupe. I just wanted you to know that. because I'm sure your site has a lot of Canadian visitors!

But I don't blame you for not knowing that we have the SiR, I mean it's natural for you Americans to be ignorant about anything outside of US soil and believing that North America is made up only by the US!

North America maybe comprised of Mexico, Canada, and the United States, but the word "America" by itself, and "Americans" usually refers to the United States alone. You think the word "American" refers to you because you are from Canada, and Canada is in North America. When was the last time you thought of Mexico when you heard the word "American"?

And being that this website is centered in America, it is concerned primarily with what is true in America. Which is that there is that there never was a Civic Si-R brought to America. I don't even know why I even responded to this e-mail, it's not even really about cars, it's about Canada. And yes, I am an arrogant American. And damn I'm proud to be an American, and I am especially proud to not be living in Canada where it just snows all the time!! AHAHAHA yes I love stereotypes, that's what this website is all about! By the way, I know a lot of you fans of this website come from Canada. That's cool. But dang, I've had enough of Canadian inferiority complex to last me a lifetime.

Fuck Australia

Here is a message from a very confused Australian. Well, not only is he blatantly a racist, but apparently he thinks that everything on the web originates in Australia because for whatever reason, he tells me to "do all of us aussies a favour fuck off out of our country" even though I've never even been to Australia. And that whole line about cars not being able to jump fences so I don't get my dinner... I don't know, that one totally lost me. Way to represent your country, bro!

im not goin to tell you that u r a asian tratior but i am goin to tell u that u r a stupid fuckin slap head, that eats dogs and cats all night long. u dont like cars cause they cant jump fences so in turn you dont end up getting your dinner cause the dog got away. do all of us aussies a favour and fuck off out of our country u smelly piece of shit

Fuck... wherever the home of the NOPI Nationals is

This one was confusing and had me lost too...


I am a geek because I know too much about cars, but this girl (I think), tries to educate me by telling me that "every car is upgradable but every car is not meant to be upgraded"... but... I thought that was like... the whole premise of this website! And oh man, I'm so scared, if I show up at the Nopi Nationals, I might die or something! And it's a good thing you spent all that money on that Centerforce clutch because all that extra power from your Weapon-R exhaust would probably have burnt up the stock one!

Fuck America

Yup. This guy should become a profiler or something because damn, he knows everything about me, my personality, and my childhood even. Here are 2 e-mails he sent me:

All i have to say is that this is a free contry and you can do what ever you want ..That means you can keep your silly Web page, But i think you are a Low life, mamas boy, White wash, silly lonely guy that sit on his ass all day Trying Start shit. Are you really HUmen? Do you have any feelings man?...Geez...Why don't you go up to those guy that you were talking shit about and tell them what you think about thire cars, I think you will have what you want.

People Buy Hondas is beacuse they look nice, and Americans Cars Look ugly, beside that; YOu are Such a hypocrite. I'm Driving a 1996 Honda Prelude V-Tech:(Stock and it still Runs Pertty fast) :) Write back man...

Hmm. I am such a hypocrite, lonely, white wash, that sits on my ass all day trying to start shit. Well, I do sit on my ass all day trying to start shit... but if my site is so silly, worthless, and hypocritical, then why did you keep reading it for the next hour and send me this next e-mail? I mean, geez, some of those corporate website guys would kill to be able to run a website where people would actually spend an hour reading it!! Anyway, here's the second e-mail with more in-depth analysis: have a rough child hood huh?...I can tell by the Drawing you made....HAHAHAh....High school was bad for you huh?...I know because you hate all of the kids that got cars and you don't! LoL, are really lonely huh?....Got no cool friends to hang out with? I think during your high school years, you were a big time loser and now you are still a big time loser, do you have the balls put this on The ''reader Response?'' i think not cause i Nail it.....You are paying back to those kids in high school cause you want what you could not get..and that is a car...Am i rite? know that i'm right boy....HAHAHAHA!!!!

DAmn loser....


P.S. Don't bother sending this to me cause i don't read it, put it on your web page..I'll REad it from there

LAter you fucken loser


Nope. No balls to put this up on the responses of the weak because you nailed it for sure. I am such a big time loser. But if I am such a big time loser for making this website, why did you spend over an hour reading it? How much of a loser are you for writing not one, but two e-mails to a "big time loser"? I mean, at least I get paid to run this website, what is your excuse? And you're going to come back again to check on the site that I've put your response up? And you're calling me a hypocrite? Really, who is the one who sits on their ass all day trying to start shit?

P.S. Don't you know any other insults besides "LOSER"?

Great Mail of the Week

Yes, chicks love my site:

I am female, recently relocated to Seattle. I was actually looking for sites that dealt with auto insurance (my old carrier doesn't operate in Washington). One of them had a link to an SUV poser page, and of course I had to check it out since I drive a Subaru Forester (I started out as a poser, but then got seriously into rock climbing and wound up taking it into places like Pocket Wall at the Red River Gorge. Not for the faint of heart OR the poser). They had a link to your page and the rest is history.

I'd have to say that your page is one of the better organized and presented that I've run across in a while. Pretty funny also. I know nothing about cars, but you really don't have to be an expert to get a chuckle out of some of the ones you had pictured. And you are right, some of the hate mail is quite amusing. Maybe a hint to some of the originators: a lot of women read the sexually explicit stuff ("You suck cock", "I did yo girlfriend, she's mine now", etc.) and think "You talk the talk because you can't walk the walk. Loser".

Anyway, keep up the good work.

P.S. I'd have to say the most amusingly modified car that I've run across was a Ford Pinto at a Calvalcade of Customs show in the Midwest. The owner had removed the front seats because the engine that he'd put into it would not fit under the hood and came back into the passenger compartment. He had the steering wheel, pedals, controls, etc. mounted so that the car was driven from the back seat. I have no idea how fast it could go, but it was definately "different".

... and so guys:

seriously, the best thing about this site is that you actually know what youre talking about...youre not some dumbass from kansas that drives a pickup just spouting off about import cars because theyre racist...or actually have very valid points, and the people that drive those cars should be i said before, the simple fact that you can identify makes, models, trim levels, and even brand names...impresses the hell out of me. i'm a big fan of import and domestic vehicles...i think both kinds of cars can be hopped up nicely for either show or speed, just some people obviously were not born with common sense...or true creativity to pull it off at all. i'm a previous owner of a turbo charged civic, that i spent hundreds on, which i do not regret. i loved the car, drove it alot, then said goodbye. i never denied that my car was an ex...or that it was designed for economy, or that i did'nt spend the extra 450 for ABS...after i got the turbo put on, i didn't throw "turbo" stickers on the window, or try to race everyone on the block. people knew my car was faster than original, and i feel i got respect because i didn't go around burning out my front tires, and slapping big stickers on my car. i am now looking into getting a domestic truck, which i'd also like to hop up abit...i just dont understand why theres gotta be enemies on both sides...its just a car, but damn...looking at some of the cars on this site...i'd be pissed too if i knew anyone with a car like that...they should be ashamed owning cars like that...also, that fag with the diablo...there is an asshole like that in every city of every state in the US...they want respect for shit that they didn't deserve or earn in the first place..."self made men at 25..." whatevers you dick...get a job! Bryan...keep up the good work on the's incredible, i laugh at it every day...

Nope, I'm not some dumbass from Kansas... or Canada. And finally this last one comes from a guy who is even geekier than me:

Sir, Your web site frankly is the best thing in the universe. Better than Helium(He), which is more abundant. Better than Carbon (C) which springs forth life and nature. Better than Silver(Ag) which is the prime ingredient in dental fillings. Better than Nitrogen (N) which gives Guinness its rich head. Are you getting the scope of how tremendous this web page is to society???

Plus, if you put those Latin symbols in a special order, it spells "Chenga", which, oddly enough means nothing.

I know a Del Sol is powered by Honda. I am aware that 2 is usually better than one, and, with this knowledge, realize that 2x as much water can be removed with 2 wiper blades. I know lights are not considered "Bolt-on Horsepower". I am pretty sure that any of the 7,906 Honda Civics around me are probably not sponsored and probably never have raced, thus eliminating the need to put sponsor stickers on them.

It is great to find like-minded folk of your intelligence. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Chris from California.

And that's it for this racism and hypocrisy-filled edition of the Responses of the Week!

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