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This page, will (hopefully) be updated weekly, and will include some of the responses I get every week, and my responses to them. You'll be seeing hate mail, and non hate mail here! And now, for my standard response-page spiel:

I would like to take the time to reiterate some things about my opinions and such. I do not hate import cars. I do not hate Hondas. I do not think American cars are superior. Nor do I think Japanese cars are superior. Really, the Rice-Boy page has nothing to do with that argument Also, I am perfectly aware that there are some guys with Civics or other imports that are fast. The rice-boy page has nothing to do with the cars that are actually fast. Only the ones that pretend to be fast but are not.

Another thing is that you will probably notice that I have put more hate mail up here than friendly mail. This is not because I get more hate mail, like some people (mostly rice-boys) seem to think. It's just that hate mail is just so much more interesting to read! I get about one piece of hate mail from a rice boy for about every 70-80 response I get from someone who likes this page.

Updated 5 February 1999

This past month has been kinda rocky for this page. The server's been up, and down and up again, the CGI stopped working so my response form did too, and all kinds of other things. But it goes on. And on. And on. This page has got a quarter of a million hits under its belt and it ain't showing any signs of slowing down!

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Hate Mail of the Week

Despite the lack of the easy to use response form, I still did manage to come across this gem of a hate mail:

ok first of all what the fuck is it of your business making fun of peoples cars..if they want em to look like a "riceboy car" or whatever the fuck you call it then let em do it..if they think it is cool to them then thats fine for them...after all its their car they can do what they want...besides if everyone went around with the same silver color stock civic then that would just be plain fucking boring..

You know, I was thinking... what the fuck is it of your business ragging on people's web pages? If they want them to make fun of people's cars, then let them do it! If they think it's cool to them then that's fine for them, after all, it's their web site, and they can do what they want... besides, if everyone went around just making shiny happy websites about how great the world is just the way it is and never complained, or satirized or made fun of anything, then that would just be plain fucking boring.

if you race your car ( whatever you drive) and you have to keep it stock then one rags on your car because its "just stock"...and so if people want to go around putting akimoto intakes and greddy exhausts..then let em waste their own fuckin money...if they think its cool..then one fuckin asked for your opinion..

That's right, no one asked for my opinion. But that's what so great about the Internet. And living the U.S. -- people are allowed to have, and voice opinions, whether they are asked to or not. If they want to drive all over town making themselves look cool (or stupid) in front of everyone, then that's up to them. And if the people on the street that see them think that they are cool (or stupid), then they are allowed to think that, and tell the guy next to them that they think that.

i drive a japanese car..a nissan 240sx..and yes i bought it for the gas economy...

Then man, you bought the wrong car! The 240SX is no Geo Metro or Civic VX, that is for sure!

im sure a fuckin v8 camaro or even a v6 mustang would probably smoke my ass..and i dont give a fuck..i bought the car because i was told japanese cars are reliable and good on far it has been...i just use this car to get around in..i couldnt give a shit of you in your car came and smoked me...i couldnt give two that you buy from the factory are made to get you from A to B...if someone wants a racing car then buy a real fuckin racing car..but there is nothing wrong with making your stock car look looks better then everyone elses....and what the fuck is the difference of making your car look fast and making it look cool...their is can stickers make a car look fast????? they just say that you have a certain type of brand on your car...

Well I guess it all depends on what you think is the definition of looking "cool" and what you think the defintion of looking "fast" is. I am sure all of these guys doing these (dumb) things to their car are doing it because they think it is cool. Why would they be doing it if they thought it was dumb?

you are full of fucking bullshit probably because you drive some type of hooptie peice of shit and you wish you hade some sort of souped up civic..

What if I told you that I drive a 1995 Civic with a B18A motor with a turbo kit that FMAX hooked me up with, and a 100 shot of nitrous? Maybe I do, maybe I don't. You don't know.

Or maybe I drive a 500 horsepower Mustang. Or a 3rd generation RX-7. Then I certainly wouldn't be wanting a souped up Civic.

why do you dis asians like that you should respect your asian pride...

Man, I dis asians like you because I respect my Asian pride, not your AzIaN PrYdE bull shit.

post this fuckin mail on your hater web site so everyone can see what a total traitor and a faggot ass bitch you are.....

Oh my. What ever will I do now? Everyone in the whole world knows that I'm a total traitor and a faggot ass bitch. And I mean, nobody knew I was a traitor or ever called me that before. And no one has ever said the same things that you have said to me ever before. Certainly not in other hate-mails that I have posted.

Well, about a week later this guy wrote back to me again. All he wrote was:

are you so fucking pussy or lazy to put my response on your page so everyone will see what a fucking loser you are??

Oh no! Everyone knows what a loser I am now!

Maybe it's not because I'm a pussy. Maybe it's not because I'm lazy. Maybe it's because I do other things besides sit in front of the computer and wonder why some guy hasn't posted my e-mail on his website.

Great Mail of the Week

Here's something interesting from someone who is not Asian, from Houston.

I have just finished going over your whole site, I must admit, by being a young black male in America, I often thought that all Asians supported the silliness I see in Houston. I only hope more people hit your site. I am heartened by the fact that an Asian male would actually make an honest comparison of domestics VS imports. I too feel that there are good cars on either side. I happen to think that for all intensive purposes, Honda's are excellent commuter cars. I stress commuter, because any time you need to spend 3 times the cost of the car to make it a 12 second car, and a less reliable one at that, you've defeated all common sense sense can throw at you. The idiot in you wins.

As far other Asians "bashing" you, I say F-em. The Asian community is known to be one of the brightest and most successful. The Afro-American community(read black) is ususally not put in such a bright light. So why is it that all of the "bashers" seemed to write you and try to sound Ebonicaly fit?! The average black person with even a hint of what the world is like, tries to do everything possible to disassociate their self from it. Why would anyone want to embrace it is beyond me. Especially anyone from a community that is placed above it in this messed up society run by White males.

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