Bryan's Rice-Boy Hall of Shame

The Hall of Shame is grew so I've put together the older ones into the Classic Hall of Shame.

It's amazing what people with not-so-fast cars will do to make their cars look fast. Personally, I just think they look stupid.

Of course, there are those people that really do make their cars faster. And there are those guys who really want to make their cars look good. But this page isn't about those guys... it's about Rice-Boy.

So here are some examples of sheer stupidity and failed cleverness, for your viewing pleasure.

Classic Hall of Shame
Hall of Shame Vol. 5
Hall of Shame Vol. 6
Hall of Shame Vol. 7
Hall of Shame Vol. 8
Hall of Shame Vol. 9
Hall of Shame Vol. 10
Hall of Shame Vol. 11 - NEW! 1/4/2001

Last Modified 1/14/99.

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The term "Rice-Boy" is meant to be a derogatory term. But not racially derogatory. Some people might say that regardless of what this disclaimer says, it makes Asians look bad. Well, I hate to break it to these people but asians are not the only people on this planet who eat rice. Everyone eats rice. White people eat rice. Black people eat rice. Native Americans? They eat rice. Europeans eat rice!! And, if you open your eyes, you might notice that a whole lot of the rice-boys out there aren't even asian! The "rice" really refers to their cars. It's not about their race, it's about their attitude!